Our Product and Services

Softbrew Inc. is an international company based in San Diego. We are focused on development of apps for iOS, Android and Html5 mobile platforms, cloud based solutions, and the web. Our team is made up of local and near-shore members this allows for a broad range talented employees. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our clients. Our solutions are custom created to meet the individual needs of our clients and by using near-shore resources we reduce the cost for our clients.


When a potential client first contact us we organize a brainstorming session. This is allows us to ask questions, giving us a chance to come up with a rough out line of the apps interface, uses for the app, and to construct a schedule for app development. In the end we want to make sure that our clients and us share the same end game vision of the product so that both parties know what to expect.

Have a failing project

Have app in development but its not going as planned or not to the quality you desired it to be? Don't worry our team here at Softbrew are experts at saving failing projects. First we analyze the codebase that you provide for us and determine what to do from there. We will provide you a list of the highest priorities that need to be fixed, give a rough outline of how long it'll take to but your project back on track, and provide you with costs estimates. In the end we will increase your software's strength and work with you to develop a strategic plan for moving forward with your projects.

Long Term Support

Here at Softbrew we realize the needs of today are not always the needs of tomorrow that's why we provide an efficient and easy to maintain infrastructure with all of our apps. This allows us to respond rapidly to your needs as we provide on going maintenance of our apps, provide future upgrades, and of course all of this will be done on a time and material bases.