Harold Gottschalk Chief Technologist and CEO

Mr.Gottschalk founded Softbrew in 1998 to incubate his ideas. Today he oversees Softbrew's teams work and takes the lead in getting Softbrew products off the ground and running.

Currently Mr. Gottschalk is a Technical Advisory Board Member at Quarri Technologies and EarlyIQ.

Mr. Gottschalk was a principal founder of CSIdentity an Identity Theft solutions provider that successfully grew during his tenure from 6 employees to over 100.

Mr. Gottschalk has over 30 years of experience in the development of software products. Mr. Gottschalk has involved himself in all aspects of the software development process, from individual contribution to software product management to large-scale organizational development of products that have twice won, and three times been a finalist for the most innovative software product of the year awarded by the UCSD CONNECT program. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Gottschalk has successfully managed large software organizations and provided technical leadership leading to successful software products and satisfied clients.

Technologies: Mobile (IOS, Android, HTML5, Phongap), Agile Methods, Big Data, Spidering and Scraping, Open Source Use and Reuse, Regular Expression's pattern matching, LAMP, object oriented paradigm (OOP).

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